Can we serve alcohol at the SWOOP House?

  • A: Wine and Beer is now on sale at the Swoop House.
  • Our wine collection has been carefully curated by Greg Randle. Certified Wine Educator (CWE)
  • BYOB is an available with a corkage fee.


My birthday is next month, can you have a Supper Friends for me?

  • A: We are honored to have guests come to spend special occasions with us at Supper Friends, and if your birthday happens to fall on a Supper Friends date, let us know! We are tickled to sing “Happy Birthday” and share in the celebration! However, please keep in mind that Supper Friends is open to the public, the menu is fixed by the chef, and the courses are served at the chef’s pace. If you wish to have a private party where you get to pick the menu and govern the flow of the event, please continue the SWOOP House Rental page for more details. 


How can I find out about upcoming Supper Friends?

  • A: Be the first to find out about Supper Friends! Subscribe to our mailing list, and we will send you an email with dates & menus for approaching events.


How many guests will the SWOOP House accommodate?

  • A: The SWOOP House comfortably accommodates 32 people for a seated meal or 50 for a standing cocktail party. See below for the architectural layout.


SWOOP House Architectural Plans
SWOOP House Architectural Plans