Swoop Wine.

We are a different type of retailer.

Our focus lies in sales of full cases (6 and 12 bottles). We are happy to special order any case of wine that is available to us (including En Primeur/Wine Futures). We can order exactly what you want or give endless recommendations of incredible wines.

We offer what we call a “Double Sixer”, a selection of 6 different wines, 2 bottles each (12 bottles). You can choose “All Red”, “All White”, or “Half & Half”.
We take advantage of our many years of experience finding the world’s best wines.

We try thousands of wines each year, to find the perfect gems and values, whether it is a $6 wine or $5,000 wine. Our unique relationships with wineries, importers, and suppliers enable us to be your personal wine shopper and obtain those hard to find wines. If there is a special wine that you desire, or a number of wines that you have been wishing for, please contact us at stephen@swoopevents.com.


Meet Our Wine Curator