Made in America: A Beautiful Wedding at Brazos Hall

A year ago this month I was approached by a couple with a vision to host their big day utilizing only items that were Made in America. The bride held strong to this idea and the list of exceptions was quite short, primarily allowed only to pay homage and respect to her Japanese heritage.


The bride’s dress and shoes, the groom’s tux and shoes, the bride maids dresses – all made in America.  Floral arrangements, domestically grown. Menu, regional and sustainable. Wines, hand selected and of course domestic! Coloring books and crayons to entertain the kids during the reception, made in the USA. Engagement ring, handcrafted locally – including the gemstone discovered by the groom in its rough form in a central Texas creek bed.


To be honest, in the beginning I found it difficult. All the seemingly perfect pieces to complement their style seemed to be from anywhere but here. Just getting into the habit of checking the place of origin proved to be a challenge. Happily the couple’s perseverance kept both the bride’s mom and me on track during our quest to create the perfect day.


The easiest decision during the planning process was the venue. Brazos Hall was without a doubt the most fitting place to showcase this couple’s dedication to one another as well as theirdesire to think locally.  This historic warehouse in downtown Austin easily reminds one of the days when just about everything was local. From the original long leaf pine floors to the beautiful windows, it is a testament to master craftsmanship. I was gratefulthat Brazos Hall preserves this piece of our history, and selfishly, making the question of location a snap!


Final result?  Beautiful of course, but more importantly a wonderful couple begins their life together as family. The unexpected outcome? Together they made a big impression on our planning team. From now on when you see me out shopping for the perfect piece for a great couple you may very well may catch me flipping the item over to see where it was made.


Thank you Andrea and Cory! Your love, vision and values have made an impression.