Cool August Breeze

It’s hard to believe it’s the 1st of August and not 100 degrees!  With all the rain in July everything remains lush and green making for one of the most enjoyable summers in Austin in recent memory.
Among the many joys of the season are longer days, less traffic and the ultimate summer delicacy – watermelon.  And just as everyone has their own technique for selecting the perfect melon it seems that everyone approaches it with a knife differently as well.  Here’s a simple and clever way to cut up watermelon .
And now that you’ve got it all cut up what do you do with it?  Well, there are all kinds of possibilities; watermelon salsa, watermelon sorbet, watermelon salad (with feta? Yes, please!). As for myself, I think a watermelon agua fresca is just the ticket for a perfect evening on the patio. Summer is fleeting; enjoy that cool August breeze while you can!