Summer is Fleeting

Walking around the Georgetown Farmers Market on Saturday I realized we are already into July! Summer is trying to slip away and I haven’t even made a peach pie yet.


This thought prompting me into action I greedily scoop up cantaloupe, tomatoes, basil, green beans, the last of the local corn, black-eyed peas and peaches. Home by noon and a pie in the oven by 1:00. Now I am slicing tomatoes, blanching green beans and roasting corn for my favorite summer salad.


While I am no chef – I have the good fortune to work with some great talent. Here is a recipe given to me by one of the greats. It’s simple and a great showcase for summer vegetables.


Light Blanched Green Beans (Still Crisp)


Sharp White Cheddar

Lightly Roasted Corn, Chopped off the Cobb & Still Crisp

Salad Greens, I prefer Romaine

Roasted Chicken (I bought from the deli and shredded, what would chef say?!)

Bacon, Crisp and Coarsely Chopped


Prep all ingredients and place in the refrigerator so everything is chilled. When ready, toss together all items with, what I call, Ranch-Vinaigrette. 2/3 Ranch dressing and 1/3 vinegar to make a lighter dressing with zing.


As the last of the salad comes together and the pie comes out of the oven there is the doorbell. Summer fleeting so let’s get together and celebrate it – there is still time!